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TheraNXT is an Online VR Community which assist the patients who need to attend the physical therapy, to deal with their difficulties and mental issues.

Problem Statement

Based on market analysis, interviews, and data analysis, we find that there’s high percentage of people with Musculoskeletal [MSK] problems in the United States and the demand for physical therapy is increasing. Moreover, we realize that physical therapy is expensive for each therapy session so that some people find it is hard to afford;Some kind of the therapy can be done at home and patients do not require an actual visit to the clinic;Some people go to the therapy clinic are just for companion and the sense of identity. Furthermore, because of the Covid-19, it is difficult for many people to have access to the clinic. In conclusion, we find that physical therapy is in super high demand and we can see the growing market for remote therapy.


Musculoskeletal [MSK] Conditions are VERY SEVERE...



More & More Americans need Physical Therapy



Pain points and opportunities.

John’s Concerns:

  1. No one around him understands how much and how often he hurts;

  2. Difficulty of visiting the clinic;

  3. Mounting medical costs.

Annie’s Concerns:

  1. Little knowledge of the process;

  2. Daunted by having to find a therapist by herself;

  3. She feels lonely and needs companion.


Remote therapy is in HIGHER DEMAND


Through interviews with patients and physical therapists we found that the most important concerns of patients in therapy are trust, expectation, and sociability. 


Product Analysis



1. Paper and video versions are not easy to follow and read, and the experience is not strong.
2. Patients want an opportunity to communicate, but the current products on the market are more focus on the treatment side.
3. Patients can not get timely feedback which is difficult to build trust.

1. Motion capture can detect whether the movement is standard or not.
2. VR has a better immersive experience for patients.



Leveraging the benefits of both 

technology & community, to develop an environment able to safely assess, facilitate, and promote a holistic approach to traditional physical therapy practices.

Final Deliverable - Video Demo

TheraNxt is an online "physical therapy + health community" web VR experience. By creating an online virtual community, we help patients share their experiences, encourage each other ,and keep doing exercise; we help build trust between patients and physical therapists through remote conversations; we gamify the treatment process and experience, and provide patients immersive experience to help them accept and insist on physical therapy. For those people who don’t have access to the clinic, we help them get their treatment remotely. Anyone with minor musculoskeletal conditions or pain can benefit from these online physical therapy programs on TheraNxt. As people are with various acceptance of different technological devices, we offer both Elite and Regular plan. Elite plan is based on WebVR, providing a more immersive experience, while Regular plan is web-based and mobile-based.
The main features of TheraNxt are
enhanced socialization, timely feedback, and gamification.


Through the use of our product we hope that everyone can live a healthy life which ultimately will build a health community for the future.

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Who Are Our Target Users?


Who Are Stakeholders?

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​User Journey Map

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