Week1 response


The keywords of the readings of this week is “obedience, systems of control, mitigating risk, ethics of discomfort” which is more about the social relations and “game”. I just divided them into two and talks about some points that inspired me a lot:

Death Experience Hall

“Patterns of Transformation”& “Gaming for Understanding”

To my point of view, they open my mind about “game” which is not only bring fun for people but also bring understanding for people. But I think I will call them experience design more than game which transform the game as a tool to help people understanding and changing our perceptions.

Those articles reminds me a “Death Experience Hall” which is held by an education social enterprise called “Wake Up”. It is more about using the forms of game to help people experience and help them understand death. The designers  hope that people can use death as a mirror to better understand their past lives and to look at and plan their own future. I found this activity when I searched the escape room and I thought that is the game at first. But after several months, I read another article which is about “‘Death Experience hall’ closed” and at that time I just noticed that it is not a game. That is an experience design uses the form of game to help people to understand death. But I felt sorry that many people could not understand that and that is the reason why this hall finally closed. However, I think it is quite a new form of design, instead of using articles, letting people to experience it might be more impressive to help people understand.

Death Experience Hall

On the ethics of intervention in human psychological research: With special reference to the Stanford prison experiment”&“Behavioral Study of Obedience”

I also did some research about those two experiments.  To my point of view, they are quite similar and bring me the thought that “social relations force people violate their original moral ethics.” The environment is quite key element that force them to make the decisions. 

I think one of the reasons might be because of “conformity behavior”. When you face an unfair teacher and have a good reason to blame him, if you are alone, you may end up with it. When your classmates have pointed out the unfair facts one after another, you will also accuse them together. I am very interesting to know that but I felt very uncomfortable when I read this experiments. I think the “human nature” is too complicated and could not be clearly presented by several experiments. 


Patterns of Transformation, Ida Benedetto

“Gaming for Understanding”, Brenda Romero 

“On the ethics of intervention in human psychological research: With special reference to the Stanford prison experiment”, Philip Zimbardo

Optional: “Behavioral Study of Obedience”, Stanley Milgram


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