Volta Art Fair 2020

Record Date:3/10/2020

I really enjoyed this opportunity to attend the Volta Fair 2020. Actually, this is the first time that I have officially participated in such an exhibition. It also helps me understand the works of one of my friend who was an artist in China. I posted a lot of pictures here.

If I chose three of them, I might pick those:

Ayako Rokkaku - ロッカクアヤコ - 六角彩子

Untitled, 2020 Acrylic on canvas on wood

I really like the colors of this painting. Even she used a lot of colors I still feel very balance. Also, I saw the artist drew the painting in the show. She is using her hands to create the stipple. When I got close to the drawing, I saw the shapes of children's drawings with pencils on it. All the composition brought me a sense of kindness and pleasure.


Electronic components, copper wire, acrylic paint, paper, wood frame.

Alois Kronschlaeger

Multicolored Spinning Cube 2/3

basswood, acrylic ink, stainless steel fork, custom made stainless steel industrial motor, stainless steel extensions.

If I must buy one, I will choose this one. Since my background was in architecture design, I really like his works that connect the artworks with the thinking of spatial. He brings me the power of space that created the visual illusion for people. I post the video here.

Actually it is hard to tell the theme. But I saw the diversity of the forms of art. Not only 2d painting, I saw many sculptures and installations. At the same time, I made a friend with Zhou Ran. Actually she cooperated with the gallery which based in Vancouver and she fight here to travel in NewYork. I think it is quite an interesting experience for me and hope to have more experiences in the future.

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