Virtual Trip Report

Guggenheim Museum, New York

Here is the link for the museum:

How are you interfacing with the museum?

I used both mobile and web platform to visit this museum.

How do you navigate in? What works, what doesn’t?

The virtual museum is supported by the “google art & Culture”. I could explore by walking in the 3D map or I could enter the story window below which highlights the main artworks.

What’s the atmosphere? Is it photo-real or stylized? Is there video or is it all stills?

It is very real that I could zoom in and zoom out to see more details about the artworks.

What’s the interaction?

They provide an AR app to help people to see the actual size of those works. I feel like this design it very humanization that could bring me more information about the works.

Every place has an emotional, social and intellectual gestalt. Do your best to describe it.

I feel “embraceable” when I am in this Museum. This Museum bring me very clear line. I think firstly due to the simple structure of this museum. Every story lined in one way which is very clear. Second, I think the story window is quite useful that direct me to the essential stories. Also, they provide the “recommendation” functions which will save your time and find more related projects.

Is it a social environment (like VR) If so, how do people socialize at the museum?

If it’s not a social environment, could it be? What would you change to make it a social environment?

I think with the development of the digital technologies, it is very possible to provide an immersive social environment. Maybe people could build an online chat room when they stand in front of some objects, and they could chat with each other. The more interesting approach might be providing an VR multi-player online experience that we could see the other people’s avatars in the museum and chat with them.

Spend a few minutes on the actual museum’s website.

Museum’s website:

I feel like the website is very clean, but I did not find any link to the virtual museum. Also, I notice that the museum will have different themes for different time period. So, I think that might be an challenge for virtual museum about how to keep updating the information.

Think about what behaviors the virtual museum space supports in regard to learning and engaging the content. Can you engage, or go a little deeper than the surface?

I think Virtual museum lack of the important part which might be the “Conversation” and due to the different people group, we might have different level of understanding of the projects. For some people, they just watch for fun might be fine. But for those people who love to know more, I think it might be great to provide any “TALK” during the visit.


I had been to MoMA for many times before and it is the first time tried to find a virtual MoMA. I could not assume that it is a virtual museum I think it is more like a digital station that collect all the art pieces together. All you could do is finding your favorite and click and read and next… which is quite boring.

In my memory, MoMA provides a very open courtyard for people to take a rest and chat with their friends. According to different artworks they will provide the related artworks at the same room. For each floor they will have their own themes. However, those experiences are loss when I watch the online MoMA.

I think there are more could be built into the Virtual trip of MoMA. For example, when I watch the Van Gogh’s artworks in the museum. There are always a lot of people stand together which is hard to view. Watching online is quieter and I can take my time. I think maybe build a chat room that for people to share thoughts or I could listen to the comments from authority which might help me know more.

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