Under One Roof

Updated: Feb 24

Under One Roof

With the rapid development of Shanghai, more and more people come to Shanghai to study and work. Many young people gather together because of their dreams. The exhibition includes an apartment with three bedrooms and one living room, restoring the shared living conditions of young people in 2021. This room shows the life of Sylvia, Benben and Eric, including eating habits, entertainment habits and social habits.

People will see the diet of young people in 2021. Because the busy life, people has no chance to cook. Their fridge is very empty, and many take out boxes are stacking at the entrance. They will also see many empty boxes which will show that they love online shopping. TV and computer are the main approach of entertainment. People will get together on the table and play board game. At the weekend, they will call my friend to play mahjong at home. The layout of the room showing some basic furnitures. It will also so some interesting objects which related to their different hobbies such like the foot barrels.

For the future museum, I would like to provide a virtual experience that allow people to interact with those objects.

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