The Flower in the Clock

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Date: 9/25/2019

Group Member: Roi, Hanwen, Tingyu

Our ideas were composed of the time, nature and human. When you rotate the clock, you will see the change of the daytime. You will also see the flower will grow in daytime and the fireworks in the nighttime.

How to control:

The mouse control the pointer of the clock. When you rotate the pointer the background color which is the sky will change follow the time.

one rotate = 12 hours;

two rotates = 1 day;

I mainly responsible for the nature part (reference from the Daniel Shiffman). I spent some time on understanding the code for my tree, so for the video I just upload one simple possibility for our tree. For the code details you should click here. But there are more possibilities for the tree, you could change the weight of tree trunk, the numbers of branches, angles, shapes of leaves and etc. I show some of them from below:

I think the hardest part and the part I spent a lot of time is to combine all of us codes together. For example, I want my tree will build follow the time. I could not just insert my code into the draw function. Actually, the first thing we did is to understand the teammates' logics. I need to know how Hanwen did the judgement of the time, how Roi did the control, how I want my plants grow, what conditional, variables they already have, and what I need to add. We spent a lot of time test and combine and test again. Finally, I really like our result!! Beautiful!!

The last but not the least. This homework helped me build a deep understanding about the conditional, the loops and the array. Also, the communication between the team is the key of our project. For more information about code click here.

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