Team Lab — Future Park

Updated: Sep 25, 2019


I would like to talk about an interactive exhibition which I visited last year. This is about "an educational project based on the concept of 'collaborative creativity, co-creation'. It is an amusement park where you can enjoy the world creativity and freely with others." For more information about my personal experience please click here.

I pick one I show above which is more about an AR project.

What I saw...

When people touch the shadow, the animation of the nature such like animals, tree, water will appear. Some people tap the wall heavily, some people touch the wall softly, some people just stand and watching the magic made by others. They felt happy after they interact with the wall and want to touch more about the shadows to explore what behind it.

I think the most difficult part is that I spent some times to figure out what happen, what I should do. Since I never been to an exhibition like this before, and I also saw other people felt confuse when they stand in front of this big screen. Thus, the instructor plays an important role before my interaction with this work. Moreover, I think it is an open space, many people could interact with it together. Sometimes, I felt lost in the design that I cannot felt the whole magic of the design. I think those are two parts I think might could improve, since it is not only for adult but also for children. I think it could be interesting if they could think of using some other approaches to guide people.

The easiest part is that the environment helped people easy to immerse into this design, feeling the emotion of the design. It attacted people to interact with it. Not only for children also bring adult a future place to play and feeling the fancy of the world.


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