Redesign Shanghai Tenement Museum


The Shikumen Scenic Area is the most characteristic residential area in Shanghai. Shanghai's old alleyways are generally shikumen buildings, which originated during the Taiping Rebellion. The war forced wealthy merchants, landlords and government officials to flock to the tenement area to seek refuge, and foreign property developers took the opportunity to build a large number of houses. In the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century, enclosures were still the main feature of Shanghai's houses, but instead of carvings, simplicity was pursuing which resulting in the birth of the Shikumen houses, a combination of Chinese and Western architecture. This kind of building absorbed a lot of patterns of Jiangnan dwellings, using stone as the door frame and solid thick wood with black lacquer as the door fan, hence the name "Shikumen".

When I enter the museum, I saw different objects lay on the desk and cabinet. One of the interesting experiences was an elderly talked with us about what her house was looked like. She talked about the mirror, the cabinet and she also showed the picture of them that she is still using some of the stuff. I think it might be interesting that helping the youth understand the history as well as help the elderly sharing their thoughts and the picture of original objects.


I want those objects could become lively that could talk about stories. Helping people knowing the history and sharing more background stories.


1. Providing an online map when you stand in one room the map will show your position and what this room used for. Those idea was generated due to the compact space with lots of objects is hard to write on the wall and hard to read. The virtual map could help a lot.

2. When you scan the objects on the table or in the room. You will get a related story which behind those objects.

3. You will also have chance to see a related story and watch many photos about this object or you can post your photos.

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