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Updated: Dec 5, 2019



“Our sickly-sweet obsession with comfort will end up killing us", Brigid Delaney

“Friedrich Nietzsche on Why a Fulfilling Life Requires Embracing Rather than Running from Difficulty”, Brain Pickings

“The Gut-Wrenching VR Work That’s Got the Art World Talking about Violence”, Isaac Kaplan

I read this article before this class. I was very confused but after getting more about the courses, I developed more and thought more. One impression is that we should correctly see what “comfort” is and what is “discomfort”. What I mean is that I do not think that all designs should blindly pursue the so-called "comfort". It is possible that such comfort will eventually lead to more discomfort. Sometimes if you add some elements of “discomfort” which can achieve better results. For example, an alarm clock, it sounds annoying, but it is a good design that can remind you to get up without delaying things. More examples related to human health, just as the article says that the older is going to buy ice cream, they enjoy the sweet of the ice cream. However, those high-sugar content may cause diseases and bring them “discomfort”. That also reminds my experience of losing weight, I enjoy the comfort of eating, but I feel discomfort when I cannot wear pretty dresses and have to lose weight. Therefore, I feel that the design is not blindly follow comfort for human. Sometimes it is necessary to add “discomfort” into design to alert us.

The second article mentioned Friedrich Nietzsche.Compared with the type of articles which describe the ideal country, he is more straightforward. Life is nothing else, it is life, that is, the real survival of people who truly feel their flesh and blood. The existence of sufferings that proves the value of human beings. The article also mentioned “hardship and joy operated in a kind of osmotic relationship”. That also reminds me an idiom in China, “ Good fortune follows upon disaster;disaster lurks within good fortune.” Because of the existence of a disaster, we could know what is good during the comparison. If everything is good, then you cannot tell what is good.

The third article mainly tells that Jordan Wolfson’s work makes people feel the violence without bringing any meaning for audience. However, at the same time, I can feel the potential of VR technology, which can achieve a different kind of artistic experience. It may be possible to increase the sense of art and help people understand the ideas that the artists want to express. But since it is a form of expressing art, so more considerations are be needed in content, like how to use this tool to strengthen people’s feelings instead of confuse them.

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