HW WEEK1:Soundwalk Response

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Record Date: 09.06.2019

Time: Afternoon

Weather: Light Rain

This post is in response to Passing stranger which created by Pejk Malinovski. It is focus on poetry and poets from the 1950s to the present. It is not like telling the history, but it is more like experiencing an anecdotal that lived and continues to live in the neighborhood.

I had been to the east village for many times. All I did before was just running into one restaurant and eating. I never thought about this neighborhood and the things that happen behind them. This experience is the most interesting one that I never had before. It took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes and I really enjoyed and immersed into this trip.

It is quite a new experience for me. Instead of doing more works on vision, the author just used sound to provide me a wonderful journey. When I sat in the chair in front of the St Marks Church, I listened to the story, I listened to the poetry, I felt like everything is happened in front of my eyes. I could not tell which is real which is just I "imaged". Following the audio, I walked slowly through the street and listened to the serious of stories and poetry that happened here, I felt like I was there! I was the part of them!

One great thing is that, since it is a rainy day, not much people walked on the street. The sound from my headphone mixed with the sound of wind and rain which provides me a sense of mystery and historic. It might be quite different feeling if I try to go there by a sunny day. Moreover, the result of technology about combining the media with the reality is quite surprised me a lot. Although it only uses sound, it could also stimulate people’s feeling well.

After this trip, I find a place to eat as usual. Sitting besides the window and look this neighborhood what I feel is not only “this is a place contains lots of delicious restaurants” but I feel I know more about this place, I know more about culture, I knew more interesting things which happened here. Furthermore, if you want to go on this sound walk this is the instruction and link:

Thanks for reading:).

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