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Updated: Sep 18, 2019


My background was in architectural design and game design. For architectural design, what we used to do were spending a lot of time to design a “cool” building. But it is quite a long feedback work and as a designer, we could not tell the feeling when people actually living in my design. Sometimes our design even might not be built. But for the game design, I could do some small demos to test people’s reactions and revise my game over and over again. I kind of like this feeling that take human’s reactions into the consideration of design, think of the users of our design and finally design something useful for human. That is why I changed my study field, I felt I need to try more.

If I want to do more related human, I really need to know how to talk with human and how to summarize their thoughts and how to develop the ideas from them. I think this course is good to help me build an organized design thinking and design researches. That is why I picked this course. For this course, I hope I can develop my design thinking. learning more skills about the design researches. Since I am really interested in the user experience design, maybe this course with help me figure out if I am suitable for this career or not in the future. Moreover, I think it is a good practice for me to think more about human, make my design more like human centered that related to human, service for human, and useful for human.

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