Journey of "Big hand"

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Date: 11/6/2019

This is my creation of wearable discomfort hardware named "Big Hand". Above is some photos I took during the daily use. I got this idea since I was thinking about what we could do if we lose the feeling of hands.

I arrange these photos according to my daily activities. The first picture was took after I wake up. I brushed my teeth with those "big hands". I felt it is ok to do this activity, but I just sometimes felt hard to hold the brush and I could not wash my face.

After I was getting up, I drank the water, I was scalded since I could not percept the temperature of the water. Because of the small friction, it is hard for me to rotate the revolved handle. Moreover, my hands were stuck when I was trying to wear my clothes. However, it is easy for me to open the door of fridge since the big size of the handle and and simple push-and-pull control. When I was trying to do some writing, I can hold the pen but hard to write complex words. In addition, at the time of eating lunch, I was trying to make a scrambled egg, but I was failed to make it so delicious since it is hard to pick the bottle of salt! After eating lunch, I want to take a snap and returned to my room. I can easily open to door of my room since it is not rotatable.

In the evening, I opened my laptop to watch some movies and I was surprised that I could click the keyboard. It is also easy for me to turn the lights on and opened microwave to heat my food.

When I wear it, firstly I thought I could do nothing. However, I really supriese that some activities could still be finished. Moreover, it brought me more thinking about why some parts are quite difficult such like such like temperature, friction...I think the hardest part for me is to use the phone and I felt suffer that I had to isolate with my phone for the whole day. That also reminds me my experience about "wearing the gloves"in the cold outside in winter. Overall, above is the record of my uses of "big hand". I think it is quite an interesting experience that isolating the feeling from hand to the physical world.


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