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My background was in architecture design and game design. One of my internships had happened in a community of the neighborhood. I was responsible for design the living community for the low-income person. At the same time, I also guided children in the neighborhood center. When I communicated with the kids, I found their desires of the playground. That is the time, I think I might need try more for myself. Since architectural design is quite a long feedback work, I might need long time to see what human’s feeling after everything be built. Compared with the architectural design, game design is quite a short feedback works, I could do a demo and test and revise quickly, and the most interesting things is that I really could see people’s reactions. Therefore, I really hope in the future I could combine both of them, maybe trying to bring fun to the physical environment and or providing the environment a more interesting way to react with people and finally providing the joy for people.

I think the computation could really help my computer or the technology understand me. It is kind of like a language for me to talk with different materials and I could quickly do some small demos and help people understand my design. Sometimes, I think it could help me revise my design easily or maybe try more forms of my design.

“I see a herd of animals composed of flowers.

I see a whale swimming around me.

The flowers will bloom at the wall I touch.

Butterflies will be born in the places with flowers.

Alligators will die where people are repeating trample.

Where I stand, where the flowers will bloom.

I cannot tell. Are they the art or I am a part of the art?

Nevertheless, all of them are just the games of light and shadows. ”

I am really interested in the installation and visualization part. The team lab is one of my favorite projects and I am honored to have the opportunity to participate in this exhibition last year. Above is the records for my experience of the exhibition. What I felt the most is the combination of new technology and art and creation leads me to see the future, a new approach to the future of games. While I saw the whale swim around me, I felt I was in the deep sea. At that time, I was trying to exchange with a soul, an art soul which produced based on new technologies. The lab museum is not only creating an experiential interactive art but also consider the human into the art.

The multiple forms of interactive media are one of the things that surprised me a lot. Changing people’s ways of thinking of beauties through new technologies and art, making everyone be able to see their own “dreams”. Meanwhile, it is also a realtime interaction that nobody can predict the following contents of it. The results are different among different people and even for the same person are different at different time. That is the charm of interactive media that attracting people look forward to joining continuously.

This experience makes me see more possibilities of my future plans. By taking new technologies as the carrier, interactive media can produce more possibilities. I think technology is going to move away from typical computer games because they are beginning to consider different forms of the interaction between human and environment. In the future I would like to do a job related to the entertainment would bring more opportunities for interactive media and help people to see the future.

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