HW 2 Let's dance!

The code and final version here.

The main goal of this homework is to exercise the " variables, animation, interaction..."

I updated my previous design. That developed a girl who is waving her hands.

Following are some requirements that we should meet:

A. One element controlled by the mouse.

The arms' directions will follow by the mouse's position.

The environment color will change follow the change of the mouse's position.

B. One element that changes over time, independently of the mouse.

The color of the light.

C.One element that is different every time you run the sketch.

The color of the girl's dress.

The starting position of the light spots.

The hardest part for me is like figureing out the order of the layers, how many variables I should add and I also need to figure out which should set up at first. For example, the light itself is changing the color dependently, but the background color should follow the mouse and the color of dress should change each time when you run the file. So the color of dress should be set up in at first but the color of the environment and light spot should set up at the draw function...

Also, I think one thing I should point for myself is "taking the notes for each steps", since I waste some of my time in finding out some shapes in my code. I found that it is quite important that keep updating the notes for your codes is quite significant.

Originally, I tried to design the light spots follow the hand. But I am still working on that.

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