Ganxi Museum


The former residence of Ganxi is known as "ninety-nine and a half rooms". It is one of three major landscapes of Nanjing in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Gan’s family had lived in this mansion for 150 years since they moved to Jinling city from Xiaodanyang in Jiangning Town. Gan’s family has distinct thoughts of family traditions and instructions which are implied in “You Gong” and “Jin Da”. “You gong” means devotion to parents and brothers, and loyalty to friends. “Jin da”means building libraries, and collecting books to educate descendants. All of these eminent family traditions and instructions are expressed in architectural environment.

First, the order of spatial organization was based on Rite which was the core of “Yougong”.

Second, the library which called "Jin Dai building" was built for family member’s education to inherit and implement family. Traditions. Third, the architecture decoration shows elegant and quiet spirit of literati. Fourth, couplets hung on the building wrote the thoughts explicitly such as devotion and loyalty, diligence and goodness, read and benefiting mankind.

Here I mainly show one room of the museum which talks about the Lantern Festival and how people celebrate Lantern festival.

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