Experience Framework

I believe that a good museum experience cannot be built without three elements below:

People + Story + Environment;


Who is our target visitors?Are they children?elderly?disable people?…

A good museum experience will require full consideration of who our visitors are, whether they are children, older people; people with disabilities, such as the hearing impaired, color blind, etc.; or groups with different identities, such as families, couples, friends, etc. Different age, different status of people has different needs. For example, for some science and technology museums, most of the visitors are parents with their children, then need to think about the children's character, height, etc. We need to think about how to help children understand the content of the exhibition through a fun way, and because children are active, then we also need to consider the safety of the display; or we can start from parents and children, how to help parents see their children to prevent children from running away in the process of visiting, etc. These are the thoughts triggered by the visitors.


What is the best approach to storytelling?

Is it through objects? Or pictures? Or video? Or Dioramas.

In fact, this question is closely linked to the previous one about PEOPLE. What exactly do we visitors need most. For example, for adults, it is more desirable to know some real details because adults can sink their teeth into reading more. For teenagers, it's hard for them to immerse themselves in large text, so models or drawings or dynamic exhibits will be more appealing to them.

A good experience should start with a story to design the tour route. A single route is more helpful for visitors to understand a story with a timeline, while some stories do not have a so-called timeline, but are more interesting to explore freely.


The environment is something we need to think about, whether it is a physical environment or an online environment. If it is a physical environment, is it an outdoor environment or an indoor environment. For the outdoor environment, we need to think about whether the natural elements will affect our exhibition. If it is an indoor environment, will the indoor materials and environment affect our content? If it is an online environment, then what kind of technology can help people to understand the exhibition? Is it AR or VR, or just the Web?

In conclusion, I think a good experience must be built based on the above points, the most important of which is what the needs of our visitors themselves are.

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