Diorama——“Hui” style Architecture

Updated: Mar 10

My diorama is talking about the "Huizhou" architecture which originally originated in ancient Huizhou and is a typical representative of Jiangnan architecture. Here I really want to show where people were lived and how their house looked like.

The main material were brick, wood and stone and the main colors were dark grey and white which showed a high-level contrast. It surrounded by high walls, which are called “horse-head wall”. It is also called "fire-sealing walls", and it looks like old castles as well. Except for the gates, the houses have a few small windows which was barely visible on the horse-head wall.

The other features are three sculptures of "Hui" style which are brick carving, stone carving and wood carving. They showed the high-level of decoration of that time period.

The building build very deep with a front courtyard at the entrance, a patio in the middle and a hall at the back. That is the typical layout of that period.

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