Updated: Nov 16, 2020

COURSE: Visual Journalism

DATE: Nov.14

Since I did not have too much coding experience with data visualization. For this week homework, I tried to work with Flourish. I found a very interesting data which is about avocado price. I found the dataset from here.

I would like to show the total number of avocados sold for each city in 2015 and show them on the map.

Here is one layer of the data,one is a region layer, the other is the calculation of total number of avocados for each city. Here for the region layer, I am trying to relate the color of the state with the number, but I still need to figure out how to achieve that.

You can click each state to see the name, you can also click the city to see the details of total volume. The size of the circle also follows the value of the number. The city sold more got the bigger circle. For the next step, I really hope to get the number for the other years, and also add more detail such as average price into the map.

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