Food Fantasy

Healing Experience | Augment Reality

Individual Work

May 2020



I would like to make a daily experience for window. Everyday you watch the window you will see a different shapes of cloud drifting in front of the window or hiding behind the building or standing on the street…

Right now we are facing the stress of Covid-19 and I have to stay in home for about 40 days. Many flights have been cancelled, the only thing we can do is to wait for everything to get better and protect ourselves.

I got inspired from the yogurt called “ oui”. Each time you open the yogurt you will see different letters on the lids. I felt warm and surprise for each time I opened it. So I really want to bring this experience for people.

The only connection to the external space is the window of my bedroom. Each time I look toward the outside I really hope some magic happens, maybe a cake drop from the sky, a fish swim across… I keep recording everyday thoughts in my mind. I hope every day when people get up and try to find the different shapes of the clouds which will bring them a kind of fresh and hope. I hope it could be a healing experience that people could find a small surprise for everyday, cherish everyday and waiting the surprise for tomorrow.

I got inspired by the apple emoji, I used “cloud” as my basic shapes which brings me a sense of “freedom”. Also, I used AR since the cloud is in our mind, the “freedom”is in our mind. “AR” could be a good approach to connect our mental thoughts with the reaily.