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 Collaboration Work      August 2019


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#Shot on Canon Rebel T6i DSLR

Collaboration Work:

Cooperated with Cezar & Rachel. I took charge of ideation, storyboarding, planning,shooting and editing.

Craig is a first-of-its-kind invention at the intersection of food processing, telecommunications and quantum mechanics.


Users dump materials into Craig’s overhead hatch (like ingredients in a witch’s caldron), then toggle a few switches, twist a couple knobs, configure some settings, and finally, press “start.” Within minutes, Craig’s proprietary technology gets to work transfiguring the inputted materials into the exact outcome specified by the user. Craig makes cookies, sends emails, travels through time, plays CDs and karaoke!


Our infomercial will be product-focused, showcasing Craig’s hardware as a user demonstrates how it makes cookies, sends emails and time travels. The infomercial’s playful tone will gradually become more farcical as time passes, leaving the viewer unsure if Craig is a machine from the past or distant future.



Ideation & Brainstorming






Once we stared at Craig (an early 2000’s karaoke/CD player) for 30-ish minutes, we had a great list of potential use-cases. Here’s a peek at our “It Could Make…” list:


Ice cream

Write emails

Fabric + scissors = dress or clothing

Do laundry

Poem generator



We picked three sequence to show: Cookie Sequence, Email, SequenceTime Machine Sequence.


Before the shooting day, we planned a "to do list" which clearly labeled what materials we need, what shots we need. Then, we re-organized the shot list based on ‘order of operations’ (shot sequencing) and assigned materials to each team member.


I really enjoyed in shooting and I spent a fun day with my team members for the whole day. We began by renting and two Canon Rebel T6i DSLR cameras and setting up a three-point lighting system.


Following the list of "order of operations", we started from overhead ‘ingredients’ shots. We laid out all the ingredients on the table and took a shot at first. We also took a shot of each spread ‘minus-one’ ingredient to create a stop-motion-ish effect of ingredients being taken off of or put on the table.


After shooting the ingredients, we took lots of close-up and extreme close-up shots of our hands pushing buttons, twisting knobs and plugging in wires from different angles on Craig’s interface. Next, we took b-roll ‘beauty’ shots of Craig from almost every angle imaginable. Craig from above, below, the side, panning across, panning top-to-bottom. The last scenes shot were ‘down the hatch’ sequences of us plopping ingredients into Craig’s overhead CD drive.

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