Architectural Design | Service Design | User Experience Design 

Individual Work      April 2019

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This is a comprehensive project. The primary idea started from the sophomore architectural design. Inspired by traditional form game “Lego”, I would like to bring an “interesting and functional” space for children. The form of the building represents the process of “making the lego” which means “making creativity”. However, I felt it is not enough that expressed my ideas through the architectural design.


After training under the different design thinking (game design, interaction design and user experience design), I got more understanding about design. I re-examined the project through the thinking of service design. Through an interesting internship with children, I found that the needs and expectations of children as well as their parents and the library volunteers which associated with children were quite different than I expected. After analyzing different expectations and their relationships between children and parents and library volunteers, I gave the interior space a clearer design orientation. 


The goal of the project is to design a “smart learning habitat” for children, bringing gamification thinking into design, developing their learning ability and creativity and embracing children in the environment. This habitat is mainly based on the library as the prototype, the traditional Lego as the inspiration for building shape, in the interior space through a series of intelligent means to enhance their learning experience.


I picked the classic game "Lego" as my concept that inspired by the process of making lego which means making "creativity". Since it is the library for the teenager, I hope I could use this fun approach to attract them to come into this space. Also, the interior functional spaces are followed my concept that all the creative functional spaces are under the "crazy lego" shape, and the spaces with normal function are under the "normal lego" shape.