Individual Works      2017

Game Programming

#game programming

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Individual Work:

Mainly focus on game programming.


Players must plan defenses in multiple "lanes" across the home's lawn. If a zombie make it to the house on any lane, the game is over.


  1. Implement a GUI using the GUI_draw event that scales correctly on every resolution.

  2. The GUI has a number of buttons that allow the player to drag and drop defensive characters onto the playing field.

  3. The game has a resource system to buy new defensive characters, and characters have a different cost.

  4. After buying a character through the GUI, there is a delay to buy the character again and the GUI has a progress bar to show this delay.

  5. Dropping characters on the playing field snaps them to a grid.

  6. The game uses paths and timelines to spawn and move enemies.

  7. Enemies that collide with defensive characters will attack and destroy them.

  8. There is a defensive character that generates more resources.

  9. There is a defensive character that shoots at enemies.

  10. The game has a message system that is used to warn the player from oncoming enemies.

  11. A new defensive character (wallnut) that takes a while to get destroyed.

  12. A story with text and implements it using the dialogue system and timeline.

  13. The enemies are fully animated while eating and walking.

  14. Hide the mouse when dragging a defensive character.

  15. Delete existing plants by clicking on them with your right mouse button.

  16. Give enemies a death animation in which one of their body parts falls off when their health is approximately one hit away from death and they collapse and fade out once it hits zero.

  17. Change the defensive characters as their energy gets depleted so that players can see how much energy they have left by looking at them.

  18. Put in audio effects when choose the characters and also add the background video.




ADDRESS: Shanghai.

Design and implemented by Sylvia Zhang in July 2019. Last updated Jan 2020.